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Steve Douglas (The Logo Factory) is a prolific writer on the subject of spec work, crowdsourcing and contests, so linking to his archives makes better sense than sharing individual posts: archives: Contests archives: Crowdsourcing archives: Spec Work

Spec Watch keeps an eye on spec contest sites and collates telling facts. Follow on Twitter @specwatch and share your views on Facebook SpecWatchFB. The SpecWatch Papers RAW Numbers 99Designs RAW Numbers CrowdSpring

Design organisations: Design competitions and speculative work AIGA position on spec work Spec Can Be Beaten To Spec or Not to Spec The Credibility Gap About Contests and Speculative Work Dealing With Spec RFPs & Contests Icograda Policy Review: Competition Guidelines Where Our Wild Things Are, Part 1 Where Our Wild Things Are, Part 2 Best Practices Spec work

Websites Spec Work and Crowdsourcing: Gambles that Don’t Pay Off Ethics FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Spec vs Pro Bono “Should I do Spec Work?” Six Top Designers Sound Off What is ‘Spec’ Work? Getting Paid: 6 Standards to Set for Your Freelance Business Working For Free – Is It Ever a Good Idea? What About Crowdsourcing? To Spec or Not to Spec Spec This! (again*) Spec Work Arithmetic To Spec or not to Spec?

Design blogs: The impact of designing on spec You Get What You Pay For Why Spec Work Is a Four-Letter Word Doing Work on Spec GeniusRocket: Toxic Environments and Startups Spec Work Defined for Andrew Warner Spec Work Is Evil / Why I Hate CrowdSpring Finding the Con in Contests ‘Spec’ is a four-letter word No more speculative designs Why Speculative Design Is Wrong Working on spec is a disturbing — and growing — trend Why CrowdSpring Owners Should Be Ashamed of Their Business The Real Problem With Design Contests Spec work, just say no A conversation about spec work Responding to spec work requests Spec work can damage your business Spec work in the internet age The Win Without Pitching Manifesto A Design Trend That Might Cost You Your Job Death to spec work and unpaid internships Spec Work, Just Say No How Spec Work Hurts Your Business How to Educate Your Clients Part 3 – Spec Work Building Your Portfolio With Zero Clients & No Spec Work What’s Your Take On Spec Work? Just say NO! (to Spec Work) Dealing With Speculative Work Bullshit 2.0 So you want to be a designer? Spec Work and Contests Part Two Logo warehouses, crowdsourcing, and a lack of understanding The designer and the tech guy The kiddie designers of 99designs The reality of logo design contests The Personal Cost of Designing on Spec Nightmare web design clients When designers should work for free (and when they shouldn’t) Will you build me a huge site for free? Spec you! Why Designers Should Never* Work For Free Spec or Not to Spec? What a Stupid Question. Crowdsourcing, Incentive, and Value Should a Web Designer Work on Spec and Provide Free Samples? 99Designs The Evil That Changed Names Wild Pitches The Geek Guide: A Few Words about Working on Spec Spec work for web developers Why Crowdsourcing Is A Bad Idea 6 Reasons Crowdsourcing And Spec Work Sucks Dear visitor from 99designs The Problem with Spec Work… Again, for Those Who Didn’t Hear …how to flip the client into giving you the work Why Your Clients Ask You to Work on Spec Working on Spec Specs and Contests: We All Lose Free pitching How NOT To Design A Logo Interview with SpecWatch: The Naked Truth Spec work or design by contest?
Wildfire Marketing: Why most design firms won’t do spec work Don’t Design on Spec

Ad agencies: Why Ad Agencies Shouldn’t Do Spec Creative Don’t Let Losing Employees and New-Business Pitches Slow You Down

Podcasts: An Interesting Podcast on Spec Work

Is Spec Work Evil? The Online Creative Community – SXSWi 2009
AIGA Portland Roundtable – Contests, Spec work AIGA panel on spec work

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Ethics in Graphic Design
Spec Watch

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